Cook and Steward

Chief Cook

The ship's Chief Cook must have the knowledge and competency required to elaborate a large variety of healthy menus (in accordance with the Canada’s Food Guidelines). He is responsible for the preparation of meals on board the ship. He also participates to the ship re-supply planning. The Chief Cook supervises all the activities of his staff (Cooks and Stewards).
He ensures that high salubrity and hygiene standards are continuously followed in the galley. The role of the Cook is important. It is said that when the food is good, the crew is in good spirit.

Chief Cook

Charles Alain
Chief Cook
CCGS Des Groseilliers


As a Cook-Steward, your role is to assist the Chief Cook in preparing the daily meals, particularly in the preparation of desserts and breakfasts.

Upon delivery of supply, the Cook-Steward helps load the merchandises on board the ship.


Carole Côté and Pierre-Lionel Cyr
CCGS Des Groseilliers


As a Steward, you are involved in food service activities by serving meals. The maintenance of officers cabins and common areas is also part of your responsibilities.

Upon delivery of supply, the Cook-Steward helps load the merchandises on board the ship.


Francine Vézina and Nancy Girard
CCGS Des Groseilliers

What academic training and professional development do I need for the Chief Cook position?

  • DEP in Professional Cooking (Vocational diploma in professional cooking);
  • Transport Canada Ship’s Crew – Cook Certification;
  • Marine Emergency Duty training.

Where can I study?

  • Secondary schools offering a DEP in Professional Cooking;
  • Institut maritime du Québec offers Marine Emergency Duty training in Lévis (Québec Area).

What are my career opportunities?

  • Chief Cook;
  • Logistics Officer;
  • The Cook may access other shipboard functions by accumulating sea time and successfully passing Transport Canada exams;
  • Various positions within the Federal Public Service.

What qualities and interests are essential?

  • To be empathetic;
  • To be generous, versatile and enjoy providing high quality services;
  • Interest in working at sea;
  • Good sense of organization and priorities;
  • Be able to work on irregular schedules and accept to go at sea for maximum periods or 42 days;
  • Taste for adventure and travel.

Average initial annual income: 46 000 $ to 47 000 $

Salary varies according to position and time worked.
Most Coast Guard crews work a schedule called lay-day, or a period of 14 to 42 days at sea, followed by equivalent time off with pay.

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