Ship Electrician Officer


The Canadian Coast Guard is a great employer. The lay-day system is really exceptional; it allows us to plan our personal activities. Moreover, I appreciate the diversity of my tasks and the autonomy applicable to my functions.
Electrician Officer

Jocelyn De Varennes
Electrician Officer
CCGS Des Groseilliers

What is a Ship’s Electrician Officer?

The Ship's Electrician Officer installs, maintains, tests and repairs ship’s electrical and electronic equipment (except for navigation apparatus). This includes the main engine electrical components, the electricity production systems, the auxiliary machinery, electricity distribution systems equipment and machinery and other various systems.

The Ship's Electrician Officer is responsible for ensuring that equipment and systems comply with applicable standards. For this, the Ship’s Electrician Officer must be able to quickly pinpoint problem sources, find solutions, and execute necessary repairs. The Ship’s Electrician Officer must know how to read and interprete various types of drawings and sketches.

As a Ship's Electrician Officer, your role is important for the safety of the vessel and the well-being of the crew. Your recommendations concerning the electronic systems upgrades, additions and changes to ship equipment have a direct impact on our vessel's capacity to deliver the essential services on navigable waterways.

The Electrician Officer may be charged with the supervision of an employee (Junior Electrician Officer).

Electrician Officers Junior Electrician Officer

Stéphane Goulet
Junior Electrician Officer
CCGS Des Groseilliers

What academic training and professional development do I need?

  • College certificate (DEC) in maintenance electricity or in a related field (automation and monitoring).
  • Ship’s Electricians must successfully complete Marine Emergency Duty training and accumulate sea time in order to pass Transport Canada Ship’s Electrician Officer exams.

Where can I study?

  • Colleges offering courses in maintenance electricity
  • Institut Maritime du Québec offers Marine Emergency Duty training in Lévis (Québec Area).

What are my career opportunities?

  • Ships’ Electrician Officer (several ranks);
  • Positions in shipyards;
  • Various positions within the Federal Public Service;

What qualities and interests are essential?

  • Interest for sciences and technological equipment;
  • Good manual dexterity;
  • Interest in working at sea;
  • Leadership;
  • Good ability to analyze;
  • Meticulous;
  • Able to work irregular schedules and capacity to adapt;
  • Taste for adventure and travel.

Average annual initial income: 69 000 $ to 80 000 $

Salary increases with ranks.
Ships' Electrician Officers work a schedule called lay-day, or a period of 14 to 42 days at sea, followed by an equivalent period off duty with pay.

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