Canadian Coast Guard Fleet in Quebec

Multi task high endurance lifeboat - T 300B

Cap Rozier - Click to enlarge CCGS Cap Rozier
Home port:
CCGS Cap Percé - Click to enlarge CCGS Cap Percé
Home port:
CCGS Cap de Rabast - Click to enlarge CCGS Cap de Rabast
Home port:
Havre St-Pierre
CCGS Cap d'Espoir - Click to enlarge CCGS Cap d'Espoir
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CCGS Cap Aupaluk - Click to enlarge CCGS Cap Aupaluk
Home port:
Source: Canadian Coast Guard

Sectors covered
Québec (from Grondines to Cap-aux-Oies)
Tadoussac (from Cap-aux-Oies to Rimouski)
Havre-Saint-Pierre (from Rivière-au-Tonnerre to Natashquan, north of Anticosti)
Kégaska (from Natashquan to Harrington Harbour)
Rivière-au-Renard (from Port-Daniel to Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, south of Anticosti)

These state-of-the-art lifeboats, which are part of a new class of search and rescue (SAR) vessels commissioned in Canada, are primarily intended for search and rescue missions at sea. Because of their speed and ability to navigate in difficult weather conditions, these medium-range dispatch boats provide greater flexibility in SAR operations.

The lifeboats are each equipped with two diesel engines generating a total of 670 kW, allowing them to reach a maximum speed of 25 knots. Other benefits of this type of vessel include a flying bridge allowing unrestricted visibility; a low freeboard for recovering casualties from the water; and the vessels will right themselves when capsized, even if the wheelhouse is flooded.

The lifeboats's crews. which are land-based, provide 24/7 search and rescue coverage on the 30-minute state of readiness during the operational season. Each four-member crew is made up of a Commanding Officer, an Engineering Officer and two Leading Seamen. Two crews take turns aboard the vessels providing comprehensive service during the operation season.

The rescue units can also be called on to take part in operations related to aids to navigation and environmental response.


Multi-purpose Lifeboat
14,7 m
4,3 m
1,4 m
670 kW
Maximum speed
25 knots
Cruising speed
22 knots
200 nm
Two fixed pitch
Two 335 kW diesel engines
Built by
Victoria Shipyards Co., B.C.
Built in