St. Lawrence Waterways - VN200

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  • Area maintained to 12,5m
  • Area maintained to 11,3m
  • Area maintained to 11,0m
  • Area maintained to 10,8m
  • Area maintained to 10,7m
  • Area maintained to 9,1m
  • Area maintained to 8,4m
  • Natural deep water
  • OTF Station
  • Ice cameras
  • Tide and water gauge
  • Disposal area
  • Artificial islet
  • Ice boom
  • Weir
  • Harbour limit
  • Electricity power line
Text Description of the St. Lawrence Waterways - VN 200

The above map depicts the St. Lawrence River waterways between Montréal at 45 ° 30'N 73 ° 35'W and îles aux Coudres at 47 ° 25'N 70 ° 25'W. Each area maintained for the commercial channel is represented by a different color depending on its depth maintained. The depths of the areas maintained are; 12.5m, 11.3m, 10.7m and 11,0m. Naturel deep water channel are also represented on this map.